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 comment about the yearly draft

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1er choix au repêchage/1st draft choice
1er choix au repêchage/1st draft choice

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PostSubject: comment about the yearly draft   Sun 16 Feb - 23:30

I'm up to about the year 2016 and the last two drafts, after the first five to ten prospects who have a talent grade of "A" or better, the prospects immediately after that drop all the way down to a "d". 

I've been playing around with the draft options a bit and it seems like the next draft there are more "a" level prospects, around 15 to 20 but then the next prospects drop all the way down to d in talent level.

Seems like it would be better to have the top five a+, the next ten prospects at A, the remainder of the first round B, second round c, then the third round going down into D, or something like that. 

I've also had problems getting any offense. In three years there's only been one player to hit 100 points(Ovechkin). I've changed the offense options and even downgraded "impact of dominant goalie" for this season but haven't noticed a major change.
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PostSubject: Re: comment about the yearly draft   Mon 17 Feb - 11:32

It has been reported by french members. Will be fixed in the upcoming patch  Clin d'oeil 

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comment about the yearly draft
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