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 Logique Eclectic is back!

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PostSubject: Logique Eclectic is back!   Sun 19 Jan - 14:27

Hi everyone,

I am very happy to announce that I bought Logique Eclectic back. Following my departure in november 2012, I worked on the background on personal projects. I am now back full time  to insure support and answer your questions. However, many things have changed. Some will please you, some won't, but our main objective is to get back to this good old active community. Let's proceed step by step.

1. Previous games:
As the old Logique Eclectic distributor closed without warning in september 2013, it is now impossible to buy or reactivate our old titles. This event forces us to abandon our previous titles. It is a sad situation, but we will try to do our best to overcome the situation, by offering you low price games over the course of the year.

2. GM Hockey Legacy 13-14:
Our first decision is to offer the 13-14 converted GM Hockey Legacy game, on January the 26th, 2014. The game will cost 20$. Still because the old distributor closed down, it won't be a free update, but a complete independant game. I have been working since last October on this update. Many bugs have been corrected, some missing content have been added and some free updates, including Fantasy Draft and the possibility to create a player with the editor will follow.

3. GM Hockey Legacy  addons:
Following the 13-14 GM Hockey Legacy launch, I will start to work on addons that will allow you to be the general manager of diffirent international teams. The first two leagues we will cover are the DEL and the EBEL (Aust). Those addons will cost 15$. They should be available for download at the beginning of March.

4. New website address:
The new website address will be www.logique-eclectic.com. www.lesims.net will redirect you to this website for a while. Update your bookmark.

5. New support email address:
The new email address to reach me for support is:

6. Special thanks:
This rebirth of Logique Eclectic is mainly due to Christian Schwenk, an American investor borned in Germany, who just love hockey. He is determined to provide us with all the funds needed to help us reach all our objectives for the year. I also want to thank everyone who has been there for me during the course of the last (difficult) year, by buying share or simply being there for morale support: Anne Derome, Étienne-Craig Savard, Marc-André Lamontagne, Jonathan Deraiche, Dany Houde, David Saindon, Mathieu Lemieux, Alain Juneau, Marc Ramsey, Alex Denicourt, Jonathan Sénécal, Julien Ostiguy, Sébastien Roy, Éric Turbide, Jasmin Leroux, Tim Warchocki, Frédéric Payette, Antoine Beaulieu-Michel, David Létourneau, Émile Gaudreau, Olivier Langevin (sorry for the ones I forgot).

It is the beginning of a new era for Logique Eclectic. We hope we will be able to prove you in 2014 that we are still the best in the hockey simulator department.

JF Cabana
Developper, Logique Eclectic

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Logique Eclectic is back!
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